Toyota Solora convertable

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Alright ya'll, got another. New Toyota Solora commercial. Convertable commercial just came out. Well, I only caught the end of it. It is some rock song in the background (all about those rock songs). Last thing I saw was a girl with brown hair, "shifting" the auto. Top was folding down, and the car was red. (what's with the Japs and red?) Anyway then she rides down the curvy road, and they say something like "It's more fun...da da da..." Anyway catchy song in the background...anyone know? Wish I could have seen the whole thing!


i didn't get that one either...

Is the "da da da" thing part of the lyrics?
There were no lyrics in this song. It's a generic rock song that repeats the same sound over and over. I'm guessing it's stock.
Originally posted by The Lost Boy@Apr 12 2004, 10:20 AM
Hey I'm half Japanese, you bitch. And I like the color blue.
Hehe sorry! Every Japanese car commercial with a sports car ALWAYS seems to be red! Ah well. Yeah the song is just repetitive.

AND I've also seen the new regular Solora one. It's a red car too! Seems to be that same song in the background. Saying that "It looks good on you"
Ok. It sounded stock to me, but just to verify you should contact Toyota. Their public relations department.