Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive

The Rumor Mill track sounds reminiscent of the Digitonal track 'Come and Play' off their album 23 Things Fall Apart, specifically the melody which starts around 0:47...
Yeah, of course I love this song. And I'm even more infatuated with the gaze of the last woman shown, you all know - the blinking one. I stare and wonder how. Beautiful.
i guess people gave up looking for the song

it's not that we gave up, it's that we've pretty much found our answer. the song, generally known as "Go Far", was done by a private music house called Rumor Mill specifically to be used for the commercial. it will likely never be released to the public because of their deal with Toyota, and if a version has somehow miraculously been leaked it doesn't appear to exist online through normal channels.

not to say there isn't a slight chance of it popping up, but as far as the possibility of mapping the song to a public release by a specific artist the results are fairly conclusive.
ah man, i signed up to this site just to find that song, and low and behold none of us can have it. i have an idea though, we should ALL, even those silent watcher people, email toyota and NICELY ask then to open it to the general public
Hey guys... I'm not encouraging any sort of illegal activity here... but... LET'S BREAK INTO THE RUMOR MILL MUSIC HOUSE AND GET THE TRACK!! lol

But anyway, (ahem), great job dano404 and thanks fluxion for rehosting the remix. Nice job.

Now I'll just play it for a day straight until I get completely bored of the tune and start to hate it. So then I'll be free of its curse. (Or maybe not... like the Banana Phone song.......)
Hi guys,

Go to Toyota HSD drive site now!

They uploaded downloadable file on the site. You can download and play the song via iTune. They also added instruction on how to do it.

I think this is one of the best commercial film I've ever seen.

Good luck
It's a jangly guitar followed by a harmonica.

The guitar riff is stuck on repeat in my brain. Any clue as to where I can find the music?
It's the one on television these days. It's a rock song, kinda indie rock: handclaps, a guitar strumming a really simple riff. Then a harmonica comes in. The commercial has a woman in it - they're promoting how environmentally friendly Toyota is.

I can't navigate that J. Ralph person's website, so I can't tell if it's that.

Thanks for getting back!
I know which one you're talking about they have people holding up a square box they have a newer commercial but once in a while they'll show that one ...I'm looking for it too...