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Anyone know the music to Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive ad?
anyone have an IDEA? sounds almost like a Postal Service song but I don't think it is......
I would like to know as well. It's a very addictive song, I stop what I'm doing whenever that commercial comes on. I hope it's an actual artist, and not an agency hired by Toyota.
I'd say it sounds more ambient than the Postal Service, almost an instumental Moby-like song. It's totally one of the few commercials that I like to hear on the tv now, so I'd really like to find out what this song is! Even if it's not a "band" I would still like to find the complete track and download it, or buy it if need be. Someone MUST know!
It has an artist. It was on a recent episode of Top Gear. A britich car show. Maybe it's in the credits. Here is the episode
It is in the Car v boat segment when Jeremy goes over the beautiful bridge. Just a short clip of the song but it was amazing.

Nope, not in the credits.
I'm trying to get an answer to this, too! What got me about it is that the music sounds like it was modeled on a Clan of Xymox song called "Agonized by Love".
I often look to help to my Ad music needs to this site. I hope you guys can help me. There is a new Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive song, its electronic music.. and thats as descriptive as I can get without seeing the ad. :huh: :blink:
Yeah guys, I REALLY want to know the name of this song, it's instrumental synth techno. Kind of like "Treefingers" by Radiohead mixed with "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim.

As for the commercial, it's advertising Toyota's new Hybrid Synergy Drive: It contains a clip of a woman blowing out candles on a birthday cake, many people breathing in, and dandelions. The theme of the commercial is "What would life be like if the air was cleaner?"

someone PLEASE find out this song. It's excellent.
i would like to know this as well. in fact, i found this site because of the music in that commercial. i think i have been compelled to know the music in a commercial about 10 times in my life max and this is one of those times. its an incredibly beautiful piece of of music. the pads that come in about halfway through are so intricate and beautiful. its a great piece of music.
Unfortunately I don't know who it is, but it does sound most closely to Craig Armstrong out of all the artists mentioned.
hey guys. i too have developed an infatuation with this song, and took the time to email toyota to find out what it was. the reply was prompt, but dissappointing:

Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
We apologize; most of the music used in our commercials is scored exclusively for our TV and radio advertising and is unfortunately unavailable to the general public; performance rights and fees prohibit us from placing this music in the public domain.

Our Fall 2005 Hybrid Synergy Drive commercial music in both the Hybrid Synergy Drive commercial and on the hybrid synergy drive page of is an original piece of music that we are calling "Go Far." This song was created by the music house - Rumor Mill.

i searched limewire to see if there might be something from them floating around, but i didn't find anything. i went through the same process trying to locate the music for the pair of Tide commercials last year, with the same results. seems like these private music houses have been cranking out some pretty cool music as of late.

just dropped in to give you guys an update, this was the only place i had come across with any info about the song.
This sucks--I want that song so bad.

This is the ONLY online forum to discuss this song, but I know there are more out there who are silently watching the development of this blog.

To get the attention our mutal problem needs, the silent majority must register and post on this board.

I did. You can too.
I'm just wondering, does anyone know what the song is that plays in the background of the Toyota commercial where they advertise their Hybrid vehicles is...I wouldn't be surprised if it was written for the commercial, but if it has a title, or if I can get it somewhere, I'd like very much to know.

Ok, BWC wins Adtunes.

(And yes, damnit, I want the song too. Reminds me of stuff I used to glunk out in midi and mod. Well... except mine sucked compositionally and didn't have samples and real instruments that cost a couple million bucks.)

((Also, when the hell are these people gonna learn... if your music house makes a catchy tune... CLEAR IT FOR DISTRIBUTION... or piss off a lot of potential customers and commercial-music geeks.))
yeah.. count me in on the petition... i love this tune. especially the shorter spot of this commercial that uses the ride cymbal. reminds me a little bit of télépopmusik's jazz/glitch fusion stuff. Toyota. Rumor Mill. Hear us - the consumers!! :p
I got so sick of looking for this song I ended up recording the commercial and mixing the audio track into a "Go Far Remix". It was hard because I had to work around the voice-over. At first I was gonna post it on my site but I don't want to deal with any copyright issues. I still wouldn't mind gettin hold of the original though.
The song sounds A LOT LIKE the soundtrack Cliff Martinez did for Soderbergh's remake of 'Solaris' with Clooney. The 'chime' sounds are uncannilly alike. But alas, I come here looking for the answer too...
Originally posted by snowerblower@Oct 10 2005, 08:29 PM
It has an artist. It was on a recent episode of Top Gear. A britich car show. Maybe it's in the credits. Here is the episode
It is in the Car v boat segment when Jeremy goes over the beautiful bridge. Just a short clip of the song but it was amazing.

Nope, not in the credits.
Not the same song, the song your speaking of is M83 - moonchild, the toyota commercial is different.. any leads?
Thanks to fluxion's letter to Toyota I had a lead to try to plug into google. I then realized "Rumor Mill" and "go far" aren't very uncommon at all... After a masochistically long and open ended google search, I had something I felt was a bit closer at least. is a recording house that makes a wide variety of styles of music that appears on recent TV ads, including car commercials. However our ad is not there... :( Not yet at least. Still looks most likely to be the place, given the evidence. Take a look around for a other nice melodies. Lots of variety, and a few similar enough to point to this being the same origins.

The guy also has another site, too. has the creator's bio, blog and album site. Nothing about "go far" here either though. He seems like an interesting guy though (he avoided learning how to read music intentionally!) and the album samples are quite nice too.

After all this, I am still no closer to a announcerless or full version of what I set out for... please help if you can!