this voice sounds so familiar


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lyrics i can make up of the song:

I thought that it was ok then
but when you got away again
It only made me sad so sad that
I broke down and cried

Now things have changed I’m on my way
How do you have the nerve to say
that you still love me and won’t be back
Why do you tell these lies
At last I realize

its from a mix, i need to know the original

>> sample <<
>> sample << [mirror]
The tune, and the words a little too, do sound familiar, but not the voice. I can't figure it out after searching for a bit, but maybe someone else will have better luck. Hope you figure it out :)
It sounds like RuPaul to me. I couldn't listen to the whole sample, kept getting an error.
Hey watz up ya'll,

I didn't have any trouble hearing the song... that voice sounds really familar to me. Even if it doesn't to you, if the lyrics sound familiar... what is this song? Now I really want to know too!

Hope someone will know here.

~ Mia ~
the sample didn't work for me but if it sounds like RuPaul (as someone said) maybe its White Town?
We're gonna have to get him to post a new link. Hmm, if it is RuPaul then I wonder what song? And sorry but it doesn't sound like WhiteTown to me. It sounds like an older man to me. Some parts of the song reminds me of John Hiatt's voice - just the voice.

mbdx, can you post another link?

~ Mia ~
I'm not sure if mbdx is still looking, but this song is driving me crazy now and I'd like to know. :( Oh please don't let this be a lost cause. Have a listen? Please?

~ Mia ~
I have played it a few times and the voice is familiar but I can't figure out who it is. :unsure:
It sounds familiar to you too? It does for me too! I sort of know mbdx and told him that, that's why he's posted the title like that. Ma~n I can't think of who it is and now this is driving me crazy ~ prolly even more than mbdx lol! :D

~ Mia ~
Hmm... It does sound familiar. I'm not sure why but it reminds me of Elvis Costello. For some reason I see a guy in glasses singing that song...(shrugs)
it would be really great if you told us the name of the mix this was on... unless it was like ... a mixtape type mix...
I'm glad to see the interest in this song now! I hope we get an answer someday. I think I remember mbdx said it was a mixtape that a dj put together and he uses it for his breakdancing stuff. So I don't know if there's a name on it... I think I asked him that too thinking along the same lines. I'll have to ask him to confirm the next time I see him on my msn.

Looks like I'm not the only one now that would like to know this. Ma~n someone has to know huh?

~ Mia ~
i don't think it'll help much but the mix is from DJ Woodoo ( famous among bboys ) vs. J-Loop

here's a link to the mix, the song starts at 7:10

i guess if nobody know's the song after that the only thing i could do is beg dj woodoo at a b-boy event for the song's name :p (if i ever get to meet him again)
I cant find it anywhere... not on iTunes, not on Connect, nowhere!!!

edit:not even on
Yeah... it's not even Google-able. :( Hmmm, I don't know about those call in, play your song, and they guess for you things... Thanks for the effort and taking the time to do that though! ;)

This is still an unsolved mystery. :(