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does anyone know what song Tracy Bonham performs on the tonight show on june 23rd or technically it would be the 24th since the show started at 12:35? PLEASE HELP!
Probably "Something Beautiful", since it's her new single.
I was just watching Jay Leno tonight and one skit they did before the show was called like "Impress Ed Asner" or "Can You Impress Ed Asner?" and the second guy of the three that tried to impress Ed Asner was a Russian guy with a very heavy accent that spun a hula hoop on hit butt. Anyway, while he was doing this they played a very familiar song that people often use in the circus, and is in a lot of movies too. The song uses a lot of wind instruments. I was trying to put this up before Jay Leno showed in the Central to the Pacific time zones so you guys not in the Eastern time zone could see it. They play the skit right after the first commercial break of the show is over. This may have already been answered on Adtunes, because it is a very common song, but if not, thanks to any one that can help!!
Damn that was fast, 4 minutes that must be a record!! Thanks leone, it would have taken me forever to find that by myself!!
What's that instumental played at the end of every episode of the Tonight Show? It's a trumpet or some instrument like that. Is that an actual song?
According to NBC:

Eubanks, one of the most prolific jazz guitarists in the country, has been a key member of “The Tonight Show” band since the program premiered in May 1992, and he wrote the show’s closing theme song, “Kevin’s Country.”

And, according to this page:

Whats the music at the end of the show. The trumpet solo?

--It's called Kevin's Country. I didn't name it. It's not released on a cd with the trumpet playing it. Sorry

Hope that helps.
Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) new side project called Fort Minor performed on Jay Leno's show. Does anyone know the name of the song they played?
I came in late on the act and missed who she was and what the song was. Anyone catch her name and the songs name? I'd appreciate the info greatly!
Ah, thanks, much obliged. Wow...that's some name. But then, she didn't really look like she would have a really ordinary common type name, either. Ha!
Does anybody know the song Starsailor played on Jay Leno. It was on Tuesday, August, 29th.
I didn't actually see it but I believe it was supposed to be "In The Crossfire" the first single from their new album "On The Outside".
The Panic Channel which is Dave Navarro's new project performed on Jay Leno's show. Anyone know what song it is?
This was maybe a couple of months ago. I don't remember the name of the group but it was a white guy rapping and a woman singing vocals for the chorus. The song was about a failed relationship. It got huge applause from the audience. Does anyone have a clue as to what I'm talking about? :unsure: