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this is from an old episode of the simpsons, not sure which one. the song is really old,and i know it is a black singer, but dont know his name. lyrics i remember are: i put a spell on you because youre mine and i think manson may have done a cover, but i cant find that either. if anyone has an idea i would love some help, thanx a billion.
Heh heh heh

I Put a Spell on You, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, 1956
[EABF07] Heard at the Spellympics, and over the closing credits
The Simpsons "Three Gays of the Condo" season 14

The episode where Homer thinks that Marge only married him because she's pregnant, and he goes and lives with a couple of gay men. To win him back, Marge hires Weird Al Yankovic to sing a song

it opens like so:

"Little Ditty, about Homer and Marge,
her heart's as big, as his stomach is large
blah blah blah"

or something like that...

I was wondering, what's the ORIGINAL song that song is based on (If any) or if there's a place i can at least get the Weird Al version...

(Before Michelle shouts at me, I did a search, and couldn't find a thread relating to this anywhere)

I don't know where (if anywhere) you can get that version but the original is "Jack & Diane" by John Cougar Melancamp.
The Simpsons "Strong Arms of the Ma" season 14

this is on the episode where marge becomes a body builder after getting mugged. she takes steroids and goes all crazy and starts a fight at Moe's. She picks up the jukebox and right before she hits disco stu with it this song plays for 3 seconds. It goes "at laaast...", it's a powerful, smooth, female voice. sounds old. anybody know this song?
The Simpsons "Strong Arms of the Ma" season 14

Anyone know the instrumental music used at the end of this episode. Marge is breathing heavily after beating up Moes Tavern.
remember the simpsons episode where santa's little helper is kicked out. what's the music playing over the moment where we see santa's little helper on a little journey and we see his trail on a map, anybody know the name of that beautiful classical piece that plays over that??
the hens love roosters, geese love ganders song?? well its called everyone hates ned flanders. Its on the simpsons album which has like 50 tracks belonging to simpsons episodes.. or if you download music, just search that shit
The Simpsons "Pray Anything" season 14

Yeah, there was an episode of the simpsons, where homer sued the church, and then owned it. He and his family had moved in, and they set up all of their furniture in it. There was a scene where homer (I think he was in his underwear).. and he was dancing around listening to the radio, and he was singing a song, when bart came in after.. does anyone remember the song> I totally forgot.. and what is it called?

if you don't know the song name, do you remember any of the lyrics which he sang? :blink:
The Simpsons "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" season 14

u no the episode where the Simpsons get satellite TV, and the next day Bart is writing a test, he goes crazy and imagines TV characters dancing around him and singing this one song. What was that song. (Not to be racist but that song sounded jewish, at least thats wut i think, srry if im wrong)

Thank you in advance :ph34r:
good call! :peace: the song IS jewish.. you probably also would have noticed they picked bart up in a chair and danced.. which is a Jewish tradition. Anyways, the song is called Hava Nagila and its hard to find the actual jewish version... because ben folds five made the song.. but if you look for the christmas or jewish version, (it usually will tell you), then you will get the correct one.
actually, the best version I think is the one by Harry Belafonte... haha, good song
The Simpsons "Barting Over" season 14

Ok, today on the Simpsons (officially deemed 300th episode, bart gets a "divorce" from his parents) homer was watching a webcam while Bart was in a city loft converted into a skate park including blink 182 and tony hawk. Its just music, vocal free, i believe it to be a popular music box song, it has a sad mood to the song. It could be irish, my grandpa (who is a proud irish) has a piano music box thats plays the same song. It is a very simple single instrument song, played likely on the piano and music box.

Thanks people.
The only song I can think of that would fit the bill is "Music Box Dancer" by Frank Mills. If anyone has the DVD, maybe they could post a clip so we could figure it out?
Don't bump, and don't be accusatory... I actually spent a lot of time researching your question. I just couldn't figure it out, and I got sidetracked when I found an error on's page describing this episode (it's called "Barting Over," if that helps).
Ok, somehow with deceiving ease i found it. It is called "As time goes by" and was used in Casablanca, which it originally came from a broadway musical.