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So I'm watching that Simple Life show with the two chicks on the farm, and they played some cool song and it rocks. It went something like this "Miss Hilton, must be worth a million bucks. Something or other you just don't give a fuck" they played it when the chicks were talking about a threesome...maybe someone knows it or at least heard it.
The song is by The Penfifteenclub and is called "Hey Ms. Hilton".
I can't find the lyrics or any info on a song that they were dancing to in that club at the beggining and the ending of the episode. In the beggining, they sang "Let this dance floor rock tonight" and at the end "Get on the floor its your night, let yourself go its out of sight"

Thanks! :p

Try Timbaland & Magoo - Birthday.
I've never heard this song, nor did I see the episode, but that's what a search for the lyrics brought up.
Ok in this episode when Paris and Nicole tell that one guys ex that he hates her and when that ex walks out theres this song that plays and they're celebrating and this song came out during the second episode as well. PLEASE HELP ME!
i work with the band that do the 2 songs you guys are talking about that appear in the simple life. the band is the penfifteen club and the 2 songs they have in the show are 'hey ms hilton' and 'disco mf.' hey ms hilton is available for free at their website and if anyone wants the second song send me your email and i'll send you an mp3. thanks, tell your friends.
the part where they were shopping at dior" it's cause we're blondes , yeah, yeah, yeah", they also played it on hollywood squares when paris & nicky hilton was on for blondes week.
I thought the music that played right when paris and her friend joke about having a threesome with the son of the family was cut so well. They did it again a couple more times with this song, but I don't know what it is, probably the same as what you're talking about.
The song you're looking for is: DISCO MOTHERFUCKER - PENFIFTEEN CLUB.
Check their website to downloud the music. Right now, I'm looking for the lyric. Does any1 got it!?


"Let this dance floor rock tonight...
If you wanna get high, babe, it`s all right...
Get on the floor its your night...
Let yourself go its out of sight"
Does anyone know what the song that is played when jenny and matthew get in the boat is called, the one that goes...

"she sits there
shes lookin over
playing with her hair
as i look back
she was staring
as if she didn't care
so i'm sitting there
and i wonder
she got pretty cool
if any i should risk it
looking like a fool
the girl from next door
she looks like an angel
the girl from next door
shes drivin me crazy
the girl from next door"

...or something like that?
i Founded It!!! IT IS in a web or something called musichouse <--- there in the MH3:Bubblegum the #6 Song is Called The Girl From Next Door...
If You look hard enough you can find the lyrics and the complete track list of that weird album... but i lost the link :p.. But it is the song Trust me! I Read The Lyrics and founded it..
At the end of episode 10 they play a song when they sum up this season. I guess the song's called "free" or something. Does anyone know who's playing it?
What happened in episode 10? What does the song sound like? Do you remember any lyrics?
Thanks, michelle! Its a easy-listening pop-rock song. They sing something like "Free! I don't wanna be, stuck in the city, with the people and the cars downtown...".
The name of the song is "Airstream" by Fastball, off their album "Keep Your Wig On." Link goes to available audio sample, track 4.
There's a song I'm looking for that was used at the very end of the last episode of the Simple Life 2 with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie.

It's when they're thinking back to everything they had done that entire season and it was just before they went on the red carpet.

Help! Please.
Simple Life

Does anyone know ehre I can get the full version of the Simple Life Theme Song? I know it's by the We Three Kings company. :)