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Does anybody know the song that played when Adam was out in the club? It don't know how to describe it so I provided a link from the MTV website. It's under the clip called "Tayaleh is Terrific".

Real World: Paris, episode 08

If you look down at the bottom of that link there's a list of all the songs played in that episode.
yeah I know but it doesn't tell you which one. Anyway, I found out which song it was from another thread. It's "Andromeda" by Kerri Chandler. The only problem is, where can I download it?
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Real World Paris

Did anyone see the last episode of The Real World Paris? I am looking for a song that was played on the last episode. It was at the part where Mallory was walking through the house by herself and all the other housemates had left already.
hi...i've looked for songs on that show before can try looking on under the real world episode guide section, i think. they list all the songs they used in the show...
This weblog entry may help.

(We need to get more people to read the weblog!) ;)
I know for sure that the song was on the preview episode to the Real World Paris season, because I was able to make this sound clip from a tape I have of the episode. I'm pretty sure I've heard on other MTV shows like Made, though, too.

If anyone has any clues to what the song is, your input would be greatly appreciated!
Which episode of RWParis was the song from? What was happening in the scene?
It was the preview episode ("Pardon My French") that MTV showed the week before the season started. It was a little 1 minute-ish montage at the end of the episode and this particular song started right around when Christina fell down while doing Limbo and went on until about the end of the montage.
I'm not sure if you'll find it here, but that goes to Bunim-Murray's (the show's producers) site and they have some music listed there.
BMP doesn't edit the preview specials. MTV usually usually edits the preview specials and adds typical MTV background music. Maybe you should e-mail MTV.
Yeah, I've scoured both the Bunim-Murray and MTV sites, in addition to doing tons of Google searches, but I haven't found anything. I never thought about emailing MTV, though...
Real World Paris

Hey There!
Im looking for a song from the first episode of RW Paris. The roommates are in a Disco, and the song goes something like "E is for everybody"
please, I know I cannot explain very well, but I hope you know, what I mean ;)

P.S.: does anyone know, where I can get the Intro Song from Real World San Diego?
Real World Paris

Ok So I'm hoping that someone can help me to find this songs name. I heard it in the premiere episode of Real World Paris waaaaaaaaaay back when and I cannot find it anywhere. Its a nice little electro dance tune and I think it was playing before the castmates were about to go have a night on the town. The only lyrics I can remember are "Just want to undress you' I know, a long shot and very vague but how many seasons has it been since Paris....A COUPLE! And its been driving me crazy!!!