The Real World Sydney

There's a girl named Parisa? Jesus. Can't people name their kids something normal....
Hey I am looking for the song that was played as Cohutta and KelliAnne were departing at the airport.

I got a hold of some of the lyrics might not be clear on the ending...

and its you, your the one i need
and its you, i can only miss you
your the only one who makes it better to breath?

If anyone could get a list of the songs played in this episode that would be greatly appreciated thanks again!
also this song when Parissa is reminiscing about her experiences in the house.

Lyrics go as:

this is how i feel, that the way i feel
im caught in a sentimental spell

...moving back in time always keeps you mine
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that a couple of songs by my band Painkiller Hotel have been used recently on episodes of the Real World Sydney and Real World/Road Rules Challenge so I wanted to let you all know.

Our song "So Far Away" was used on Dec. 5th on Real World Sydney during the scene that takes place right after Dunbar calls his girlfriend Julie on the phone to tell her about his infidelities. More specifically, our song is playing while Parisa and KellyAnne are making up. I was unable to figure out the title of the actual episode, if anyone has that info, could you please pass it along?

Link to Youtube Video:

Also, our song "Becoming Someone Else" was used on the Jan. 23 on Real World/Road Rules Challenge. The song is being played in the background while the host is explaining the rules to both teams.

Link to Youtube Video:

If you'd like to check out the Mp3s of either of these songs, please go to our Myspace page: or our Website:

Hope you enjoy...


Does anyone know the song from the episode where Parisa sends Trisha home...its from the very end when Parisa is talking to Dunbar in the kitchen.

The lyrics go something like-

"I don't want someone to follow out of here,
I'll take the fear, I'll take the blame,
No regrets, not today..."

I looked forever on Google, I'm hoping somebody here knows it!
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know this song:

"I'm on the verge of something sacred, secret, I can feel it. Gearing up the nerve to get my feet wet, dealing, not just dreaming."

It was played on Real World Sydney Episode 6; 'Getting Wet and Wild.' It doesn't say on MTV's website, and when I type the lyrics into google nothing shows up.

Here is the clip. It is called 'Cooling Down.' Wait for Shauvon to say, "I think Kellyann likes him more than she realizes." It happens at about -01:41.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Even if it is just a hint as to who you think it sounds like.
I really want to find out who sings this song!! Please Help - MTV real world sydney

It was during the last episode of MTV Real World Sydney

I was able to make out some of the lyrics. Male Vocalist

"as you make your way across the universe I'll be behind you all the way,

as you find out who you are, I'll be behind you all the way"

"if you feel all alone, if you feel far from home"

anyways ive been looking for this song for almost a year! posted on yahoo answers numerous times.. searched on google ... no luck! any help is greatly grealy appreciated!!!


I know for a fact that its not called "running up the hill" by placebo
or A Cursive Memory - "The Piano Song"

Thanks in advance
-- DUB