The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons


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This ad that i'm talking about is for the 2 game zelda ages and seasons on gbc. To discribe it more, its an animation in 3D where we see link in horse on a snowed land and he arrived at a castle that he climb up. Once up, he play an instrument that go back in time, and in the same way reforge the old sword that was standing in the castle. In overall, that's pretty much the summary of this ad. So I hope you'll know the music that's used in this ad and give to me the name of it sooner.
I had forgotten about that commericial! It was pretty cool, I liked it. I don't know the music from it though, sorry. :)
Where can you find that trailer? I've been looking for it for a long time.
i'M sure there's someone who know it, please tell.

This site contain many zelda's ad and the one that im talking about is about The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages and Seasons (GBC)
zelda's ad site

Now, you got all to answer to my question.
Hope you find soon
heck yes... forget the little people, send it straight to the CEO.

Dear Mr. CEO man,

I need the music from zelda now. Not tomorrow, now. Also I was wondering if you know of any stores in town that sell either duck hunt or that one game with Cooper the Racoon. I looked and looked at Walmart, and they said to try Target... I didn't see it there either. So you should obviously know where it is being the head of nintendo. Or... if there's not one in my area, I want you to mail it to me. Better yet email it to me. Oh.... and Kirby rocks. If you have any connections to Santa Claus please hook me up.

Yours Truly,
here's the answer that nintendo gave me :

Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo,

We appreciate your interest in the music used in our commercials. Below, I've
included a listing of songs that have been used in several of our different
advertisements. Please note that if the music that you asked about is not
listed, it is most likely an original composition, and it is not commercially
available. We also don't have any information on where you can find the songs
that are used in our ads.

Game Boy Advance:

Freeboy Ad (teenager in street surrounded by Nintendo game characters) - The
music is from a song entitled "Strict Machine," and is performed by Goldfrapp.
This song is off of the CD "Black Cherry".

Retro Game Boy Advance Ad (this commercial features our recently released NES
classic titles on the Game Boy Advance) - The music is from a song entitled
"Situation," and is performed by Yaz. This song is off of the CD "The Best of

Mario Golf: Advance Tour Ad - The music is from a song entitled "Good Dancers"
(from the album of the same name), and is performed by the Australian band The
Sleepy Jackson.

Mario Pinball Land - The music is from a song entitled "Black Betty," and is
performed by Spiderbait. This song is off of the CD "Tonight Alright".

Donkey Kong Country 2 - The song is entitled "Disco Science," and is by Mirwais
Ahmadzai and Kim Deal.

Nintendo DS:

Nintendo DS Ad (Restaurant patrons writing messages in gravy) - The music is
from a song entitled "La Belle et la Bete," and is performed by Big Soul. This
song is off of the album "Funky Beats".

Nintendo GameCube:

Nintendo GameCube (commercial previews three new games, including Metroid Prime
2: Echoes) - The song is entitled "More Human Than Human," and is performed by
White Zombie. This song is off of the CD "Astro-Creep: 2000".

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - The song is "True Romance" by Hans


Nintendo of America Inc.
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Mmmm, so nintendo themself dont know the answer, or if they do, don't want to tell me because it's an original composition. they include some song commercial about some of their console, that are in that case useless because the ad I'm talking about was on GBC.
So how the hell did they make this zelda's ad with this music without knowing the music itself?
Kinda weird I had to say.
Reply to comment or if you got at last the answer.
Originally posted by PatQC@Apr 14 2005, 02:11 PM
So how the hell did they make this zelda's ad with this music without knowing the music itself?
The thing is, they didn't make this commercial. Their commercials are made by external ad agencies, not by Nintendo themselves (for the most part). So, that's why.

At any rate, I'm fairly confident that this is an original composition.
yeah, good point.
I'll ask them the ad agency that they used for this commercial.... if I can do so...
nintendo dont seem to remember the commercial compagny they used for this commercial.... that's kinda weird though....
anyway dont think i'll ever got the answer...