The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time


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The topic pretty much says it.

I have downloaded the trailer in May '02 and loved the track they used. I have never heard it before or ever since and wasn't able to retrieve a name or anything of the like.

Since I don't own a GC I wouldn't know if its an ingame piece.

If anyone recognizes the track or would know anything about it'd be great if he/she would let me know.

Here's the link on fileplanet, it's just 4,5 MB

Can't wait to hear from you guys...
B) I think I saw this E3 trailer? Anyways, it should be "Riddle Of Steel / Riders Of Doom" by Basil Poledouris from Conan the Barbarian. Great soundtrack!
Hey Dude,
thank you a lot for that info! I already got the track and you're right. Although they seemed to have remixed/edited it for Zelda I'm totally happy with it! Thanks again man !
I heard that the music in the trailer was from the movie "Conan The Barbarian." Anyone know what the actual song is called?

(By the way, the game looks incredible!)
YES NINTENDO LISTENED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every console gamer is hyped about the realistic zelda ( DAMN THAT 2005 release date ). the game looks GORGEOUS. any way which trailer are u refering too dude, theres a ew out there.

theres one here under
The Legend of Zelda ( E3 2k4 Trailer ) this is the most common one. it sounds liek a re-done zelda song ( hyrule field i think? ) crap i do have this on midi ill find u the link
There's a music that i really like and i dunno the title, neither the artist. Remember the trailor of the legend of zelda, ocarina of time ?? It's a kind of orchestra tune that marked me a lot. If you know anything about this music, plz respond...

If there's another video about ocarina of time, plz tell me.
i know your pain lol. i looked for this song for so long, i finally ended up just emailing nintendo and asking them about it. the one guy was trying to help me, but after that, another one emailed me and more or less dismissed me, so i found the rest out on my own. the song is a special one :p. its a variant of Riddle of steel/Riders of Doom, by Basil Poledouris.
According to IGN, it's a "new version made just for the Zelda trailer" of the track "Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom" by Basil Poledouris from his soundtrack for the film Conan the Barbarian. It's been used in different Zelda game trailers.
I'm talking about the one minute long trailer. Its the one that says "blades will bleed..." and has the text. I got the trailer from GameSpot.
I know its from Conan the Barbarian by composer Basil Poledouris, but I don't know what the song title is. Any help would be appreciated.
Well there seem to be two different versions of the trailer, both exactly the same but the one availble from IGN etc. seem to have that soundtrack that was used in previous Zelda trailers: yes, it's from Conan the Barbarian and I believe it's called Riddle of Steel - Riders of Doom, and it's track 2 on the Conan the Barbarian OST - I think this is correct.
The official trailer from the Nintendo website uses a remade Zelda Medley...
hope this helps? :huh:
can someone help me find the music in this Zelda Commercial

i have been trying to find it for ever since this game came out and i saw this on tv.
i want to use it in a home movie, and more importantly...its driving me insane not knowing what its called!
please help, and thanks!
This song is called "Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom," and it is from the original soundtrack to the film Conan the Barbarian, composed by Basil Poledouris. This song is also used in the teaser trailer for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game for Gamecube.
Glad to help. :)
hmm...but this version sounds a bit different. i cant find the climax part.
Ah. yes. I believe that the version that you hear in the Zelda trailers is a custom-made edit of the song that Nintendo made spcifically for use in these trailers. But everything that you hear in the trailer, you will hear in the original recording of the song, albeit in a slightly altered order.

Again, glad to help. :)
omg, i remember the first time i saw this trailer, it was in theaters and they had it really loud and i was just sitting there just freaking out, going OH MY GODD, then i bought the game and played it nonstop...anyways, thanks for that link, even though its low-res, i still love it.
Hehe I absolutely LOVE this trailer music. Every Zelda trailer just gets like 4 times better with it.

I only found a song called "Riddle of Steel", I hope that's the one.
I watched Conan the Barbarian this weekend, a decent movie. The music was awesome!
I wonder how Nintendo got to use it for their Zelda commercials... B)
Ok, another Zelda trailer for the upcoming game. This one however uses something other than the Conan score. Parts of it kinda sound like Dragonheart but its not it.

Any takers?