The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time


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Unsure whether to post this question under Video Game Advertisement or Soundtrack, I land here..

On the Gamecube rendition of Zelda:OOT, Master Quest, (I believe) there is a short video that one can watch after pressing "Z" on the title menu... err, something like that. Anywho, it's a brief 'advertisement' for Gamecube's rather robust collection of titles to date. During this entire video there is a trance/dance song playing in the background and I'm unable to ID it thanks to some absurd post-production sound effects placed in the vid, obviously by Nintendo.<_<

I had forgotten about it until the other night I was watching ESPN and they played it, just out of the blue, while the commentators were talking. Knew it sounded familiar and traced it to my copy of Master Quest.

Any help would be amazing! Subconsciously, this has been driving me crazy for years... :blink:

THANKS ahead of time!
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Re: Zelda Ocarina of Time - Rare Footage

Also, the track izzy was talking about is this: