The Holiday



I searched amazon for the soundtrack. It doesn't come out until January and doesn't show a list of songs. I didn't find anything on IMDB.

I kinda forgot what it sounded like but it plays in the scene where Graham is at the pub with friends and is looking around to see if Amanda decided to show up. It was instrumental, uptempo sounding.

Thanks for your help with this!
Zimmer stated that he did many music in the movie, especially around the character of Jack Black. I didn't saw the movie.
Its called "Let Go" by Frou Frou

It took me forever to find it but I finally did! :D
I just saw The Holiday, and am looking for the song where Iris lifts up those window blind things, and some really happy music starts and she's all bouncy and starts dancing. I know what song it is, but forgot what it was when I left the theatre, as well as the melody.

The list of songs is not out... does ANYbody know what I'm looking for? Please, please!
Be more descriptive please. Female or male vocalist? I've forgotten the songs.
Maybe I'm wrong but was "walking on sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves in the movie?
Alright.. um... lesse. xD;; It was after she discovered the little buttons on the bedside table, and it was midday and she wanted to sleep, so she pushed on one of them and the large automatic shutter thingies closed over the window so it became really dark.

Then, I don't remember exactly what scene it came after, but you see the shutter things come back up, and you see she's pressing the button and she wakes up when the shutters are all the way up and there's daylight inside, and then the song (that I'm looking for) starts, and she gets really giddy and happy, and starts dancing (lol, wiggling) in bed, and just kind of bouncing around--while lying down--in bed.

Lol, I donno how to describe it more than that... It WAS after an Amanda/Graham scene though, I'm pretty sure..

And I don't know if that song was in it.. I don't think so, lol, but I downloaded it now and listened to it. Doesn't sound familiar as though it was in the movie, though I know that song, and I like it! ^_^ Buuut hmm... the beginning seems like it mighta been. -shrugs- I don't think so though. At least, I know it's not the song I'm lookin' for.
Oh, and... voice. Hm.. Right, uh, I'm pretty sure it was female. Or it might have been male. Wow gah I don't know. x_X It sounded maybe something similar to, what's that song, Superstar? I can't remember. Sorry! >.<
wasn't it a song by The Killers? I know "Mr. Brightside" was used during Cameron Diaz's scene, but I thought the one used in this scene was also by them... I think I'm wrong though :-D
THANK YOU! Lol... I've been dying to know the song. I mean, I KNEW the song, but I just couldn't remember it... You know when that happens? Guh. I hate it. Anyway, thank you so much!!
does anyone know the list of songs that were played during the movie...not the score soundtrack but the other songs