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I realize that this is a long shot, but I'm hoping that someone can provide an answer.

There was a TV commercial for the Wall Street Journal that ran in the late 60s, in the New York City broadcast area. I'm guessing around 1967-1969. It featured a pole vaulter clearing over the bar.

The instrumental music in the commercial sounded very similar to the music of the group "Sounds Orchestral." Violins and piano, with drums.

Thanks for any help with this.
Re: Instrumental Music from 60s WSJ Commerical?

Re: Instrumental Music from 60s WSJ Commerical?


Thanks for the video. Unfortunately, its not the commercial that I'm looking for. The one I'm referring to definitely showed a pole vaulter clearing the bar.

The musical score had lead strings, with a piano and drum rhythm background.
I'm not much of a musician, but the lead melody sounded partially like G4,G4,G4,A4 G4,G4,G4,B4 C5,A4,E4,G4.

Being that this is from 50 years ago, its doubtful that anyone has the answer ... but I have to ask. And this forum seems like the best place.

Again, TY

And, no, I'm not going full Close Encounters-Richard Dreyfus on this. :)