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On tonights episode, several times throughout the show there was music played that was absolutley gorgeous!! It was kind of angelic like sounding with just a woman singing. I couldnt understand any of the words. Sorry I cant describe it any better :(

Anybody see it and have any idea who it was?

It's mostly during the scenes where hes... seeing or whatever it is called he does.

Ok. I don't recognize the piece right off but it sounds very much like Charlotte Church or possibly Sarah Brightman to me. No guarantee it's either though. :unsure:
It's also almost certainly not just score music as the few snips of lyrics I caught were latin. So it's likely on a CD somewhere.

Sorry I can't ID it positively but that's all I gots man. :(
Hey there, I'm new to this site and I'm hoping someone can tell me the name of the song played during the opening credits of the Dead Zone on USA. It's kinda eerie, cool drums,the singer is male. Reminds me of Radiohead. ANyone know? Thanks ;)
"New Years Prayer" by Jeff Buckley.

Sadly the guy died drowning in the Mississippi I believe.

thanks, pork. wow, when did he die. If all of his stuff is this good i might have to buy one of his cds.
I'm looking for the song which plays during the first part of John's vision of the party in episode 4 of season 4 of the Dead Zone. The name of the episode is "Still Life". It's about 22 minutes into the episode.
It appears this show is not well known over here but I thought maybe someone might be able to tell me who wrote the new credit music this season--the one that doesn't quite fit with the images. I for some reason feel like it was the same guy who wrote the original music and their website used to say who that was but now the site's changed and I don't remember who it was.
Well in the opening credits I see that the opening music is by Blues Saraceno. So far I haven't heard anything online that sounds familiar.
Well I've managed to finally find it. It's a piece done by Blues Saraceno and it can be found at It's not available for download via the official website, but you can listen to it.
Does anyone happen to know the songs that were used in last night's episode of the dead zone? Or maybe where I could find them...I already tried and no luck. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
Hey everybody~!

I was wondering in Season 6 i think it was epiode 2 johnny is trying to save this woman and the new shreif will not listen to him there is a song that i like it isd during the part when johnny is talking to this woman(blonde) in a bar sort of and there is a song in the back ground i was wondering what the name and the artist is if anyone can tell me thank you! has this song listed: "Catch Me When I Fall" by Daniel Cage
The song is played near the end of the episode.

The lyrics are:

So this is life. So this is hurt. So this is what they talk about when they say hope for the best, expect the worst. It's all in the day to day. It's all in getting through. So what can one person say to comfort you?

So the wind blows. So it all goes with or without you.

Don't try to run. Just let it come. You're right where you belong - in the middle of it all.

Would be so nice to have things clear, but I think we all know it's not what we have here. Just take my arm, take my embrace. I might need the same. In another place.

So the wind blows. So it all goes with or without you. Don't try to run.

Thanks in advance.
I emailed Shawn Pierce, the music editor on the show, and he wrote that the name of the song is, "Middle of It All".

He did know who the artist was that sang it, so that should make searching just a tad less difficult than before.