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    Mr. Robot

    Anyone know the music in this promo? (Season 3 Episode 9 Promo)
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    Necessary Roughness

    Anyone know the song from this commercial?
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    I was watching SUITS on USA Network and in the opening scene there's a song that's playing in the background and it has the words "...its a perfect day for..." The guy singing sounds like a newer Iggy Pop. I looked all over Google and the best I could come up with is the Cure's "Doing the...
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    USA Network

    I heard a catchy song from a USA Network commercial, although I cant remember much about the commercial. What I do remember, is that it was talking about someone, and the commercial concluded saying that she took in kittens as a part of her hobbies or something. The end of the commercial had the...
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    White Collar

    I was watching the White Collar episode "Vital Signs", and in the beginning of the episode, where Neil and June are talking in the park, a very nice piano piece came on. Anyone know the name of it?
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    White Collar

    While watching Burn Notice Thursday night (Jan. 21st), there was a new ad for White Collar that had a cool song in it - does anyone know what the song was? The ad was for the upcoming episode, not an ad for the series in general. The song was a man singing and one of the words I could...
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    Royal Pains

    A new show premiered on USA network yesterday called Royal Pains. It used a lot of different songs. I recognized Shut Up and Let Me Go by the Ting Tings and another I already forget. Anybody know what the other songs are?
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    Royal Pains

    What song is playing in the background of the last 35 seconds of this promo for USA's Royal Pains? (Have heard it before in some FX promos, but the Royal Pain one is the most recent.)
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    USA Network Character Project

    The song I'm interested in sounds very British. It has a Brit military march feel. The bass line swings between octives (E probably). I believe part of the chorus says "something, something, something... out of time. Its the type of sond that would be played on NPR, or College Radio. Lets...
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    USA Network Character Approved Honorees

    USA is running a spot promoting Character Approved honorees including Lupe Fiasco and Shepard Fairey (artist who created Barack Obama's Hope image) ... Does anyone know what music is used for this spot? It's the one that lists all seven winners and goes through what they're known for. Thanks!
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    In Plain Sight on USA Network

    This might be better suited in the trailer forum, so mods please move if deemed inappropriate for this area. Anyone seen the preview commercial for USA's new series "In Plain Sight"? I want the first song from it. It was also featured in the Starburst Mystery Flavor commercials years ago, if...
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    Burn Notice

    The song that was being played when he goes after the girl that ran from her mother. right after the commercial, it shows the outside of the school and plays a dance / electronica-type song. Any help would be great.
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    Burn Notice

    Wondering if anyone knows if the song they play in the promo commercial for the new series Burn Notice on USA network? It sounds kind of familiar to me, but it may just be soundtrack music. I know towards the end of the promo you can hear someone repeating the words "wanna do it again" and it...
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    Somewhere Over the Rainbow ukulele

    There was a spot thing for Michelle Kwan on USA and they had a version of "over the rainbow" playing. It was a guy (I'm pretty sure) singing with a mandolin. Anybody know the artist?
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew what the song that was playing when the commercial of Monk in a gym fixing the weights and stuff. This commercial was played at Friday 12/2/2005 9:45pm on the USA channel. If anyone knows the name of the song that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Ran a search and I guess I'm the first one here. Tonight's (12/2/05) episode of Monk on USA finished with a particularly cool blues version of "Dreaming of a White Christmas". Would anyone happen to know who the artist is doing this version? Would love to get my hands on it for the coming...
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    Anyone know the music used in the AD for Fox's Sunday line up shown during house.
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    USA Characters Welcome

    I was watching T.V., specifically USA Network (obviously), when some new commercial came up saying "this is for the characters, this is for...", etc. There was catchy music in the background. It was clapping and "ooo" sounds with a guitar sound I believe. I'm sure many have seen this...
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    Usa Network

    it's some narrator in the background talking about everything that makes the usa network channel work and at the end a boy with a cape on jumps off of a swing, can someone plz help me with the song from this commercial, thanks
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    US Open tennis

    USA Networks had a commercial for the US Open (i think) last year. It was a techno like song and the only lyrics were "Bounce one, two, one two." Does anybody remember that and know what is the name of that song?