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Anyone know the music used in the AD for Fox's Sunday line up shown during house.
Hey all! New to these parts as a registered user, been here way too often as a guest :p.

If any can help with this, I'd be greatly appreciative!
Here goes, Fox Network, MST, the commercial with the characters from either House or Bones in one of those "coming up next" deals. Bones has ALOT of makeup on in the commercial if that helps to ring any bells.
No lyrics, just a beat. Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
You asked what I was just thinking about asking. I have a bad feeling it's just production music but who knows
:angry: Production music is just wrong....

I sure hope its out there somewhere, it's gonna drive me nuts.
Heard it Tuesday for House, heard it Wednesday at the end of Bones....

Help me out here people! :D
does it have a strings in the song? because if its the clip i am thinking of it might be

Teardrop by Massive Attack

hope this helps

Thanks for that, thats the music that plays at the beginning credits for House. Not what I was looking for but certainly still a keeper. :)

The music I'm looking for plays in a "Stay Tuned for Scenes from next week's House/Bones" commercial.
The commercial plays after the last scene of either a House or Bones episode.
All it is that I can hear is maybe a bass guitar?
Nice beat, still no luck on finding it though.

Originally posted by tigabalm@Apr 25 2006, 12:34 AM
It might be Teardrop by Massive Attack

OOoohh Angel is a keeper too.. :heart:
:( Season's over....still don't know, this is just tragic I tell ya..... till next season when Fox brings out that wonderful production music again!
They're using it for the reruns too! :p guess I didn't have to wait that long for it to drive me crazy again after all. Yippee!
Help, please.
Last night on Fox during Prison Break there was an "Alone" themed promo for Standoff and House.

Does anyone know the song/artist that was used in the promo?

The lyrics were something like:

If you can't hold on your very last time,
I'll be there so you know that you're not alone.
Was just about to post this as well, anyone know the name of it?
Does anyone know the name of the group that sing this song? If they know the song's name..that'd be helpful too.