Secrets of New York


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I was looking for this same song that is the catchy theme song for a local cable access show in NYC called "Secrets of New York". I found the following post on another website and quoted it below. Anybody have any ideas from this clip? I have no idea how old it is.

I'm going nuts, I posted this on couple of forums and no one seems to know who is this artist is. I captured it off the tv using my ditital camera so the quality isn't that great sorry. Someone is kind enough to figure out the lyric but no luck. (

the balance the line and the words that came out
the contract not signed
no obligations obligations
what was the place high intentions of sound
I can't remember
I can't learn how you *** the next round
Haven't gotten any thoughts on this in the TV Show Soundtracks section, thought the pro's might give it a look.
any ideas?
The band sounds familiar and I did lyric searches and listened to clips from various bands but I couldn't figure it out.
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boooooo. that's weak, michelle. I mean, if you are going to merge me, can you at least attempt an answer to the question? ;~)
Nobody has anything on this, still?????

Help a brotha out!
The band's name is - "THE NATURAL HISTORY"
I don't know the song's name, they have a song called - "Telling Lies Will Get You No Where" I thought this might be the song but when I downloaded it I found out it wasn't.

You can download a couple of their songs here just scroll down to THE NATURAL HISTORY

Here is their official website they have some songs for download here too

You can listen to clips from their self titled album at

I only downloaded 1 song from their album, and I got errors when I tried to listen to clips on MTV, you can listen to the clips and download the songs, you might find the song, If all else fails then you can e-mail them at
r01axb , WHAT A STALLION!!! Great Call. Thanks for solving this one for me and in such a thorough manner. From the Mtv site, I found out the song name is "Broken Language"

Thanks again.
Your welcome, I been wanting to find out the name of this song for a while, so thanks to you, Can't seem to find a download of this song, their EP is $4.99 it has 5 songs on it, Amazon is selling it for $5.98 with free shipping if you order is $25