The Ashlee Simpson Show

does ne one kno the name of the song that had instrumentals in the beinging wen she was getting ready for snl...i kno i've heard it b4...but i cant think right now
also in this episode, when she's getting in the elevator in the parking garage.. it's rap and it goes "came in good, everything's good" something like that

AND the song right when they come back from commercial and she's getting her eye makeup done and she says "today is SNL and I'm really scared"

right when they come back from commercial, the song that plays when they show scenes of London. it's before they go in the store to try on masks.

and the song that plays when Stephanie tells Ashlee "I have very good news to give you. your album just..."

each have no words.

thnx yall
o yeah. it's the episode when she performs on the Orange Bowl :)
I'm going crazy... i need to find this name of a song but they only play a little clip of it in each of the episodes that i have seen it in... I first heard it in MTV's MADE with ANNA the shakespeare wanna-be. I then heard it in MTV's Ashlee Simpson show.. i believe it is close to when she gets her hair cut in an episode. I tried checking to find out what song it could be on MTV but its almost impossible... all i can remember is it says oh ohh but thats kinda standard for every song... maybe you ahve an idea?
Not sure if anyone's going to know this one, but I'll give it a try...there's a song from the premiere episode of the Ashlee Simpson Show that I've been trying to find, and it plays when Ashlee is cleaning the apartment and climbs over the counter to avoid the wet floor. It sounds like a "pop-punk" type of song, most closely resembling Blink-182's "Fentoozler". Any ideas?