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Does anyone know what song was played in the episode that Ashlee wins the Billboard award and has to do radio interviews? The song I'm looking for was played when Ashlee was talking to her friends about Ryan not calling her. Please help!
yeah she's gettin her makeup done and she's talkin about how Ryan doesn't call her and all that. the song goin into commercial.. it goes "I was strong to make a case but it seemed evidence was sealed." anyone know
I know right after she wins the Billboard award and is talking to the media, "I'm Not Okay" by My Chemical Romance is playing.
The Ashlee Simpson Show Season 2

The Ashlee Simpson Show (Season 2)
New Years Episode #7 (03/09/05)

Ashlee, Ryan and her friends went to MTV's "Iced Out" New Years Eve Bash. Ryan was performing or making an appearance. After, back in Ryan’s dressing room, they counted down to midnight and Ashlee and Ryan kissed. Ashlee stated how good this year was so far and then the song started playing and continued to play as they walked in fast motion down the hall. It was a dance/electronic song, very upbeat. No vocals or lyrics. It sounded kinda like Kylie Minogue or Felix Da Housecat.

Anyone know?
Check "I'd Rather Dance With You" by Kings of Convenience.

This has been my absolute favorite band for ages.
When Ashlee is getting ready to perform during the Orange Bowl, and she is walking to the stage a song is playing (no vocals, I don't think) , its the last song right before it says "To Be Continued....."

If anyone knows what this song is, it would be very much appreciated.

in season 2 episode 1, when she is in her new house before she was with ryan cabrera they played this song which is in mu head all the time... sdo u know how its calles
Could you describe the song? Genre/type of music, lyrics, male/female, etc.
Also, I tried to find a link to a clip of the show, but I can't seem to find one. Blah.

It was a, because she was having sound problems before she went onstage.
Just a random guess, but could it be Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway"? Audio sample here, track 1. It opens with a slow, guitar strumming and her doing some humming... Just a thought. :unsure:
I listened to the song, but thats not it. Its soooo frustrating! I actually WANT them to rerun that episode, heh....
Hopefully, I suppose I'll have to try and download the episode, and try to upload it to a site somewhere, so people can hear it....whooooo knoooowwwsss :) Thank you for your help though!
Does anyone know the name of the song played at the end of tonight's Ashlee Simpson show episode. The song had male vocals and sounded sort of indie. The only lyrics I caught sounded like, "Everybody might just have the same idea I suppose"
Here's what the lyrics were that I heard:

hold me now
don't let it fade away from here
but everybody might just have the same ideas
the same plan
i suppose
i suppose

I didn't get any results searching though. :(
Thanks for adding more lyrics, Michelle. I tried searching but I couldn't find anything. This song is really difficult to find for some strange reason.
I found the song! It's called "Don't Let It Fade" by Sunday's Best.
Originally posted by Cool276@Mar 23 2005, 09:01 PM
I found the song! It's called "Don't Let It Fade" by Sunday's Best.
good work! Song can be found here, audio sample track 3. Also available for download from .