The Ashlee Simpson Show

During the most recent episode of the Ashlee Simpson show, when she performes on TRL, there's a scene where she goes a little crazy right before she goes on and there is a great song, kind of poppy and it went like this "I've got ________ I've got ________ I've got heart".

The two songs on the preview for next week's episode are "Nearer Than Heaven" by the Delays and "Finns For Our Feet" by The Oranges Band.
what is the song that is playing when she talks about the different "waving techniques"?! this is the episode in which she is part of a thanksgiving day parade.
I've been looking for a song from the Ashlee SImpson SHow. It was in the eight(last) episode of the first season. It's in the beginning of the scene where Ashlee is picking which photo she wants on the cover of her album. The song had brass instruments. The song had no lyrics, well atleast the part they showed didn't
The very first song played. Its when shes walking off the stage. Its a rock song w/ no vocals (or at least what was played). Thx!
This is a kinda random area but i was flipping through channels and saw the ashlee simpson show. She was doing a photo shoot in a room with graphetti on the wall and stuff like that and there was a very light techno song in the back ground and Ive heard this song from somewhere else maybe a car commercial or something but the lyrics are like "just believe" or "just breath", its alot like that Dirty Vegas song but alot more hypnotical. If anyone has any idea id love to get this song and would appreciate the effort
I honestly don't know. Its after the part where she is caught red handed lip synching. And after she walks off it gets slow mo and dramatic and some red head chick is running her fingers through her hair in disbelief.
If you're talking about the scene when Ashlee was celebrating Christmas with her band, the piano song in the background was an arrangement of the Christmas carol "Joy to the World".
if it was when they were putting up the tree, it was Deck The Halls
Does anybody know the name of song played during the second episode when Ashley was walking off the stage after the SNL incident. The lyrics sounded like, "I stepped on a crack...". The song had male vocals and was down tempo.
Nevermind I found the song I was searching for. It was "Heaven Adores You" by Earlimart.