That's my dawg

"das dogs" :lol:
Aww, he's grown so much! Big puppy. :wub:
I know I was gonna say the same thing too.. that fucker got HUGE!!
Heck yes he did, he doesn't realize it either, keeps wantin to roughhouse with his seester and mows her right over. :lol:

Aww and he gives hugs now! He jumps up in my lap just so he can give me a hug then just jumps right back down and trots off to play. :)
:wub: Max comes and goes straight for my hoo hoo and then gives me hugs.
Last night on the phone Melissa when my mom was going crazy.. she was imitating Max. Max always slips on the stairs. So when I was telling her bye she was like *pretends to fall* ahhhh ok i will

He's all trying to be a guard dog now.. the doorbell rang and he waits for me to get up, then he goes :lol:
:lol: Tough guy. The only person my boy dog barks at is ME. <_< :lol:
That's what I'm trying to hobble around and do but it's not going well. :lol:
Now you be nice, Fitz. :p

:lol: Okay, just got it. They were working yesterday.
:p Ok I feel better then. At least they worked at some point. :rolleyes:
:duh: I cleaned out my photobucket today