TCM "Falling Leaves" Turner Classic Movies


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TCM has been showing spots for upcoming features/events with an Autumn theme: falling leaves shown in triptych with alternating titles and images from films.

They've picked (or commissioned, if I'm unlucky) some slow tempo instrumental music to accompany the ads: low bass, dreamy (almost "lounge-like") electric guitar playing, piano, and drums...very spare, but amplified. Sounds like "Friends of Dean Martinez" or another such group. I wish I had a better description, but the music is both sleepy and loud with a slow tempo (I wish I knew more about time signatures, but it might be 4/4)...

Thanks in advance if you recognize the music and performers...
It was a long time coming, but I think I'm going to answer my own post. There was a musical interlude on All Things Considered this week that sounds exactly how I remember the TCM spot. And to NPR's credit, most of those musical interludes between stories are listed on their Web site.

The name of the song is "Westward Airways" by John Parish. It's from a 2002 album titled "How Animals Move," and the whole album is pretty impressive. And it just might be available at your favorite music retailer.