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I'm looking for two pieces of music -- one from a Turner Classic Movies promo and the other from a Home Box Office promo.

The music from the TCM promo accompanies a voice over reading of Dylan Thomas' poem, "Being But Men"? As the music plays and the poem is recited, the camera meanders through a patio festoned with paper lanterns that features the faces of famous actors.

The HBO promo features clips from a variety of its original series for their 2005 season and states that the channel is "Always Looking Ahead".

Thanks for any help that you guys can provide.
I have the music for the Tuner Classic Movies commercial. It's "Hymn" from Craig Armstrong's "The Space Between" CD!
There is a short TCM promo being shown currently that shows a cityscape at night, but you see windows without buildings. A TCM logo "sign" is on top of one of the buildings. The animation runs from the top of a building, down (all you see are windows—and sporatic letters spelling "TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES") until get to the bottom of the "invisible building" and you run out of windows. It reads especially abstract here, but it's a well done spot.

There is a sparse (classical-sounding yet modern) solo piano piece that accompanies the spot. It is literally low-key. Anyone know the music?
doesnt it have lyrics? like, ...let ur troubles go... and at end real wonder...
ive heard it, its not all piano.
The audio is completely instrumental with piano only. I notice there's another spot on TCM that uses similar solo piano music—maybe a different piece, but could be the same musician or composer.
do they still play the song daily? or was this just in the past a few times, cuase i want to listen to tcm and hear this piece, think thats possible?
TCM has shown this promo much lately, and one can only assume it has been broadcast daily. I've seen the spot plenty of times in the last few weeks and actually recorded it late last week. It's mostly black and white and pretty dark, but some of the windows contain color and people and other elements, but remember that you can't actually see the buildings. It's fairly abstract.

I've e-mailed Turner Classic Movies before; seems they aren't into answering single e-mails. Thanks for your interest.