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    Turner Classic Movies

    I would like to know the title of the song and the vocalist. Partial lyrics.....goin where the cold wind blows...….and...boy, don't lie to me' It played early Thursday morning (10/18/18) on Turner Classic Movies channel.
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    TCM "Your Favorite Movies"

    Ad aired on Wednesday, 3/2/2011 with clips of many films, but one soundtrack played over the whole ad. Can anyone identify it?
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    TCM Turner Classic Movies 2006

    Can anyone tell me who Is preforming the song in this 2006 TCM PROMO :D
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    TCM Extras

    Does anyone recognize the tune Turner Classic Movies uses with its "Extras" feature? It sounds kind of Spanish or Latin. I'd be surprised if anyone knows, but it's worth a shot. Thanks for any help. Kathy
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    TCM Remembers Turner Classic Movies

    Does anyone know what the music is playing for the 2008 TCM remembers tribute? I'm not sure if it's posted yet, but when it is you can view it at: Thanx kindly
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    TCM November 2006 Turner Classic Movies

    I'm looking for the name of the song played during an extended promo - about 3-4 minutes long on TCM for November, saying in text on screen "In search of / Leading Men / Lucille Ball / John Ford". I heard it several days ago, and all I remember of it was "1 2 3 4", and then a line that rhymes...
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    TCM 31 Days of Oscar Turner Classic Movies

    Anyone have a clue as to what the song is in the Turner Classic Movie Channel - '31 Days of Oscar' Montage? It's fairly trippy and a is woman singing. The only word I can hear is "Indigo". It's the coolest song I've heard in years! Help! Thanks, DB
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    TCM "Summer Under the Stars" Turner Classic Movies

    I was at the movies one day and there was a commerical for Turner Classic Movie's "Summer Under the Star" advertising their theme for August. I'm not sure how to describe the has a definite Brazilian sound to it. I'm assuming this ad is the same they run on cable stations (I don't...
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    TCM "Falling Leaves" Turner Classic Movies

    TCM has been showing spots for upcoming features/events with an Autumn theme: falling leaves shown in triptych with alternating titles and images from films. They've picked (or commissioned, if I'm unlucky) some slow tempo instrumental music to accompany the ads: low bass, dreamy (almost...