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Anyone have a clue as to what the song is in the Turner Classic Movie Channel -
'31 Days of Oscar' Montage?

It's fairly trippy and a is woman singing. The only word I can hear is "Indigo".

It's the coolest song I've heard in years!



I found the answer to my own question!!

The artist is Imogen Heap and the song is "Daylight Robbery".
Y'all check it out.


Thanks for posting about this. You answered your question and mine. I hope everybody remembers to post answers to questions even they have asked.
The song isn't played in the promo at all. It's just a clip and some kind of jazzy music is laced in. I just listened to a clip of the aforementioned song myself and it sounds nothing like the promo music at all. :angry:
Does anyone know about the music or song played on the 31 Days of Oscar promo? It's NOT Imogen Heap and I know that because the last person here who posted this query was mislead. Plus I listened to a clip myself, so I already know that it can't be her. :angry:
Originally posted by strangleholdbabe82@Feb 24 2007, 10:30 PM
It's NOT Imogen Heap and I know that because the last person here who posted this query was mislead.
The last person/thread wasn't mislead -- they are referring to TCM's "31 Days of Oscar" from last year (their messages are dated Feb 2006) -- I'm assuming this year's "31 Days of Oscar" commercials are using different music.

I've merged the threads (since you posted in both) to keep this information in one place for the moment.
Anybody know the song used in the new commercial for 31 Days of Oscar? It's being played tonight during the SAG awards. Sounds like a piece of movie score music.
If you mean this one, I believe it's still been undiscovered.

I've been keeping watch for the answer on the TCM message boards. A couple of people have written to TCM asking for the asnwer, but there's been no reply yet.

So we're still waiting. B)
Originally posted by strangleholdbabe82@Nov 17 2007, 10:38 AM
I found the song played in the promo! It's called "The Curse of Ka'Zar" by Lemon Jelly. You can purchase it on itunes. I just did!

How I found this out:

Note this is a link to an article about the duo on Wikipedia.
The tune by Lemon Jelly is used in the TCM intros to the featured films. It is a brief spot that explains what awards the film won/was nominated for.

Thanks for finding this. I always thought it was just a studio piece put together for TCM.
This is a reply from someone on the TCM message boards:
it's an original piece composed for the 31 days campaign. you can download an mp3 by going to the video section and clicking on "more information" under the 31 Days of Oscar promo -- KillerKowalski

This is the page with the list of videos from TCM.

In the left hand playlist, you'll see the "31 Days Of Oscar" link (it's the second one down), so just click on "More Info", and download!

I hope that's clear enough.

I'm just so glad that even though it's an original piece, they're still letting us download it!

:lol: :D B) :rolleyes: :p
I know this post is probably dead and im gunna have 2 wait until nxt year.. but (now) on the website that video isnt there.. if anyone has it plz. quick reply and lemme know cuz that is the one song that sticks with me (thats how I even remembered 2 look it up)