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I saw this commercial on MTV about college kids and their freshman year the song sounded kinda emo/indie I could not make out any of the lyrics. It was an add for this website oddsagainst7even I checked the website and it did'nt have the music from the commercials on it. Can anyone help?
i seen the comercial, iv been wondering the same thing, and whats oddsagainst7even about any way?
Yeah that song is by Bloc Party. If you go to and search for Bloc Party, you can listen to three of their songs, and download one (Banquet, which I <3). I THiNK it's called "So Here We Are" but I could be wrong.
the track in the commerical is a Bloc Party song called Always New Depths. It is only available as the b-side to the UK single of a track called Helicopters.
Check out it has the song from the commercial plus others. The short films on the site are pretty interesting too. Target is even giving out free ringtones of some of the music including the song featured in the commercial ( (Bloc Party- Always New Depths) They even have podcasts with band interviews.