New Toyota Commercial


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I heard this song on a toyota commercial advertising an suv I think, but I have looked all over the net and nobody has any info about who does it. the song did'nt have any singing it was like a instrumental symphony technoized. Can anybody help, is there any websites that could tell me this info? Thanks.
It could be Sordid by Amon Tobin., I don't know what commercial you're talking about but i believe they played the song in a toyota commercial.
Oh and I think this is a new commercial I have never see it before yesterday night.
Oh most likely not then, well i'll look out for it, do you know what vehicle it was for?
No, but i think it was an suv, they advertised it driving all over the place, being able to drive on the road with good handling and off the road. I should have payed more attention but i just heard the song while i was on the comp and looked at it at the last second. It might not even be for toyota, lol.
The only reason I think it is toyota is because I downloaded a song off limewire that was labled 'toyota car commercial'. It sounds like the song but it is a horrible copy of it, badly recorded, so i'm trying to find out if it is it and who did it.