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Going nuts trying to find out the song used in a new Target spot promoting their gift cards. Saw it on TV a couple times the past week. I am also able to view it on Target's website in the "Channel Red" section, but couldn't find any artist information there.

The commercial simply pans around a street scene and up the side of a building where there's a birthday party on top, all the time this bouncy, poppy music is playing (there are no lyrics). Any help anybody out there could give would be greatly appreciated!!!
I hate bringing up an old topic, but I am desperate. I have been looking for this instrumental track that played in this commercial for the longest time. In case you don't know which one it is go to and launch there interactive site. I would greatly appreciate any help that I could get on this. This is my first post and I just found this site, it's great and very useful, good to be here.
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Does anybody know the song from the target bridal registry commercial, the lyrics go something like love to be with you.......... see you shine.................