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I was wondering if anyone could help me out. The song by Bjork, Big Time Sensuality, is featured in the movie Tank Girl. It's the scene where Lori Petty & Naomi Watts are pretending to be photographers and they are taking pictures of all those ugly workers. Well, it's a certain remix of the song, and it is not on the soundtrack of he movie. Does anyone know what this mix is???
I LOVE Bjork!! I have several remixes of the song, however I've never seen the movie...

Is it an instrumental version? Could it be the video remix? Any hints on what the version sounds like in the movie?
Yes I do. It is a very galmourous sounding mix. Like, it could be used in a fashion show or something like that. I really like it, i think it sounds better then the original version. I don't think its the video version, cuz i have hear it. I highly suggest you watch the movie. I think its a really cool movie, plus its the only place where I can hear that song. I love bjork too. Thanks.
Maybe (??) a version called "Paris remix"? Got a lot of big horns going on in it...
Wow...this is an old one! I don't know if you ever got your question answered, but on a general amazon search these are the listed "Big Time Sensuality" remixes:

Big Time Sensuality Pt.2 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] (No Samples Available, but includes)
Fluke mini-mix
Dom T. - Big Time Club Mix
Justin Robertson - Lionrock Wigout Vox
Morales Def Radio Mix
Fluke MEGA-Mix
Justin Robertson - Prankster's Joyride Mix
Fluke Mouli-Mix

Another Version:
Big Time Sensuality Plaid