Factory Girl


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I was watching Factory Girl when 9 shimmering little notes struck me. It was during the scene where Andy Warhol was filming his "cowboy" movie and Eddie comes onto the set to calm the horse. Just before Andy interviews her in black and white and asks her how she likes the factory. Close to the begining of the film. I was just 9 notes and I don't think it was anywhere else in the movie. Very soft and beautiful. I swear I have heard this before but can't remember. Does anyone know if this was just part of the score developed for the movie; or is it part of an actual song?
Factory Girl: Piano Music

Here is a link to the music: [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00I9K1Vf2Xc&feature=related"]YouTube - Factory Girl Part 1[/nomedia]

What is the name of this song?

It's the very first song playing during Sienna's screentest and while she is running through the street. The Piano music; about the first 45 seconds. I LOVE this sound, and the music is haunting me, anyone know?