Mean Girls

ok so my younger sister was watching mean girls in her room really loudly and i cought this song and really wanted it.

its at the end where lindsay starts the coclusion of the movie and goes on into the credits

i already looked for the song on the soundtrack and the song is on there so it would be so much help if someone could find the song or even just the name and artist
I think you mean Orbital - Halcyon & On & On.

It's also on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. ;)
I just wanted to say that I too watched this movie last week and the ending totally blew me out of the water. The song is amazing.
Orbital 2 was one of the first "electronic" albums that I bought, and "Halcyon + On + On" is definitely one of my faves off that awesome album—I guess I forgot, or didn't realize, how many cheesy movies it has been featured in since it was released. ;)
At the end of the movie Mean Girls, when they see the "Junior Plastics" and she dreams of them getting thumped by the bus, what is that really soft song playing? I know its familiar, but I cant pinpoint it for the life of me!
hey yea i was trying to find out what that song is goes into the credits too. right that song?? i have no idea what it is
It's Orbital's "Halcyon + On + On" ... not that I've seen the movie or anything. :unsure:
okay um you'd probably have to watch the movie again to figure this out.. but as soon as the movie ends, like theres a song thats played for a few seconds when you see the credits... but after that some other song starts, which is stupid, cuz it was almost like a trance type song.. anyways, if someone could get this for me Id appreciate it.. thanks!

There's a song at the end of this movie (literally beginning in the last 1 min. or so of the movie when they flash to everyone getting along outside the school and stuff, and continuing into the beginning part of the credits). It's a techno type song or at least it sounds like it.

For the life of me I can't find out who made this song, what it's called, where to get it, etc. Any help would be much appreciated!