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Anyone know what the last song is thats playing as she sums everything up about the other characters in the movie Mean Girls? It's an older ambient / trancy track.
I didn't see the movie but someone mentioned that it was "halcyon and on and on" by orbital
That link doesn't have a sample. Listen to it here
yeah, that is it. then about halfway through it changes to some horrid cover of blondie.
Originally posted by Kodos84@May 3 2004, 05:06 PM
I didn't see the movie but someone mentioned that it was "halcyon and on and on" by orbital
That link doesn't have a sample. Listen to it here
good memory kodos!! that was me :lol:
I am trying to find out who did the song right when the credits started. It was somewhat of an 80's/emo sounding bit.

does anybody know the artist?
Does anyone know the name of the two (different) songs that are playing at the two party scenes in the movie? One is at the Halloween party, and the other is at Cady (Lindsay Lohan)'s party. I know that one of them is "Fire" by Joe Budden...

I'm sorry that I don't know any lyrics... :(
This song is playing when Lindsay Lohan's character says "all is right in the girl world".. it sounds like some kind of electronica music. This was playing at the end of the Mortal Kombat movie too when they were walking with the children.

Help please?
hi, i think you're looking for "halcyon on and on" by orbital...don't forget to use the wonderful search option they have here :usesearch:

the other thread with link to soundclip ~cheers! :lol:
no prob, it's one of my favorite songs :lol:....and by the way...(as many of the people in the gen discussion will tell you about me) I LOVE YOUR ICON...ORLANDOOOOOOOO :wub:
Hey, if you like "Halcyon + On + On" you might be interested in this... I read someone from an earlier post calling the second half of "Halcyon" a 'horrid remix of Blondie'. Well Blondie it isn't... Orbital actually used the vocal portion of a track by Kirsty Hawkshaw called "Fine Day" for for their song, playing the vocals backwards. Its more trance than Orbital's music, and I don't even really like the track but its just cool to hear. Thought you might be interested.
hey would anyone happen to know what song was playing in the background of the halloween party off Mean Girls, plz help me find it!
I was wondering what that song was too. I FINALLY FOUND OUT!!!!!
"Rip Her To Shreds" by Boomkat. ya...that didnt help me really, i cant find it anywhere, its not on their cd and i cant find it to download it. if u find it can u im me at dan91988 or email me it at
GOD DAMNIT! dont listen to that last post i made. its not true, i went on that site that has the soundtrack to mean girls, and i saw Rip her To Shreds, and in the haloween party the words kinds sound like: rip her to shreeeeeeds" but i downloaded it and its the song at all. but its from the movie or commercial or sumthing. any1 know the ACTUAL song in the party scene? the words i made out are "u gonna get, nothings gonna get it________" blah blah blaaaaaaaah
yo kids, i was wondering if anybody knew the song that is playing in the movie while the 4 plastics are walking down the hallway in slow motion? its not in the trailer...and it sounds kinda like miss elliott. i cant find it anywhere so plz help its bugging me! thnx a bunch

-V :ph34r:
haven't seen the movie, so i'm not sure. but did the song have any lyrics that you remember?