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I'd kind of liek to know all of the songs in this trailer.. I am a ver ygreedy person... pffffft.
song 2: 0:25-0:50

it sounds like the same song, or least same soundtrack that plays from 1:40-end.

It sounds like the sort of movie, like a brett ratner film, but probably from a film that Clooney and Soderberg did together.
I love the god waters song. I believe it's the song they play at the very end of Heat.
Moby - God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
Sorry, it is Moby--God Moving Over the Face of the Waters . I copied some of Moby/Aphex Twin/Underworld from a friend awhile back and get them mixed up.
This trailer for Syriana starts off with this very nice, calm and relaxing song (yes at the very start). Anyone know it?

Birth (2004) Alexandre Desplat

Spy Game (2001) Harry Gregson-Williams

Dryka- Ars Arcana

God moving over the face of the waters-Moby

Hope that Helps :)