In Good Company

first cue is "40" by Frans Ferdinand
second cue is "Glass Concrete Stone" by David Byrne
Sorry, but that's not the one. Solsbury Hill is the song AFTER the one I'm asking about. Like I said in my initial post, it's the song that's playing from :36 to 1:18. I appreciate the help, but please look into it a little more carefully before the "Answered" tag is put on on my post, which I hope can be taken down. Thanks though.
Haha, that's the song that plays right BEFORE the one I'm looking for.
Does anyone know the songs that are played in tne IN GOOD COMPANY trailer. I would especially like to know the song that begins the trailer. Thanks for the help!
does anyone know what the music that plays during the trailer to "in good company is" I can't hear enough of it!

I am looking for the name of the song played during the beginning of the "In Good Company" commerical. It goes something like:

"Ooh la la la, ooh la la la, Ooh la la la laaaaaaaaa"...and the rest that they play is just instrumental...

I think it's what they are playing before they switch over to Salsbury Hill...any ideas?

You can listen to an audio sample of "40 Ft." here, track 11. Single is also available from .
Just wanted you guys to know that, that is not the song they use in the commercial. I dont know what it's called but thats not the one, just sounds like it.