The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The one at the end was something famous from the late sixties to mid seventies I think. Not positive about the time frame but I know it was on the charts. Wish there was more than Laaaaaa laa laa lala so I could nail it down in my head. <_<

Oh and it's a brit group but too late to be The Beatles I think.
Okayyyyy now I'm thinking it almost has to be The Beatles but never having been a fan I just can't name that tune. <_< I can tell you that the guy on the acoustic (2nd to last song) is playing the same tune.
Don't know the rest of them.

I know I'm going to kick myself when someone gets this one. :rolleyes:
from the shot where they all dive into the water to the scene where bill and owen are talking on the deck at night: "gut feeling" by devo.
from "a film by wes anderson" to bill murray's delightful delivery of the word "revenge": "ceremony" by new order.
from "this christmas" to the punch: "queen bitch" by bowie.
over the cast credits we get to hear bowie's "starman" played by seu jorge (and it's really, really good. maybe better than the original).
from the word "action" to the end, it's bowie's version of "starman".
I've got 'em all already except for that song in Bill Murray's helmet. It kinda sounds familiar, is it just me?
Techno Pop by Carter Burwell from the Big Lebowski soundtrack (Bill Murray's helmet song)
Im having a hard time tracking down "Starman" by Seu Jorge. Does anyone know the easiest place to find it?
Seu Jorge is an actor in "The Life Aquatic" and it looks like that he is actually singing "Starman" (if thats what it is, it doesn't really sound to me like the Bowie song) in the film. So to get it you'll probably have to wait for the soundtrack, if it even appears on there. Good luck though.
I don't believe it's Techno Pop by Carter Burwell in regrads to the lo-fi techno song in Murray's helmet. I have the Big Lebowski soundtrack and the two songs are obiviously not the same.

This is a tough one. I'm trying other songs with Techno Pop as the title (Kraftwerk) but nothing so far. They have plenty of re-mixes so I haven't finished downloading and listening to the all.

As for Seu Jorge...I've heard at several forums regarding The Life Aquatic that Seu Jorge translated several Bowie songs for the movie. They're exclusively created for the movie, so they may not be out yet until the soundtrack is released.
That is a book....I can't see to find the actual soundtrack on Amazon. :blink:
sorry to bring back a week old thread, but i don't believe the question to the song being played in Bill Murray's helmet has been identified yet.

I've found the Techno Pop by Carter Burwell, and it's pretty obvious that's not the song. This rumor just somehow transpired across forums.

If anyone has any ideas, it'd be greatly appreciated.

//krunk (^_^x)
Can't remember the details, but supposedly my friend said it was done by the guys behind DEVO...they also did the rugrats theme...I'll post the name when he comes into work.
The gentleman from Devo is Mark Mothersbaugh, if the helmet music is one of his tunes then it's an original, new to the soundtrack
There is a song in this 'Adventure Clip' cthat I am looking will most likley know what song it is...its most likley bowie or something

it goes something like "Rebel, rebel small time guy"

starts playing when you see the directors name come on the screen.

thank you