Suzuki "Green Light"


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Suzuki "Green Light"

Does anybody know the song to that Suzuki Commerical called "Green light"
Its the one with the Cel shaded Grand Vitara driving through all this green stuff
and the lyrics are something like

"I see something something blue, red rose's too i something something too
And i think to myself.. what a wonderful world yes i think to myself what a wonderful world"
Hi, The song you are looking for is a remix, originally done by Louis Armstrong- The version you are looking for is from the movie Freaky friday, the artist is Joey Ramone.
Actually, it's a cover, not a remix. There is a huge difference. Remix means you're taking a song and using the original recording and adding things to it. A cover is redoing it fresh with your own band, as Joey did. Also, you'll find it on Joey's solo album, Don't Worry About Me, which is probably a better investment than the Freaky Friday soundtrack.