Suzuki 2006 Grand Vitara

awesome, i logged on purely with the intention on finding that song! haha, thanks.

Can you help me find a song?
I'm almost positive that this commercial was for a Subaru outback but I'm not sure. I know its Subaru, though. In the commercial a man says goodbye to his wife in the morning and then he parachutes off of a cliff and is shown driving through the canyon while the music plays in the background. It's rock, possibly an older song. This is something you just have to know, I've searched almost everywhere for it!!
No idea if this has been already answered. I've been viciously searching for this song. I'm pretty sure it's the Xterra commercial, but I know for sure it's an SUV commercial. There are lyrics... I think, but I can't understand them.

Anyway, the commercial features a house ontop of a big cliff, and the guy kisses his wife goodbye, then steps outside, parachutes down the cliff, gets into his SUV, and drives off.
I was wondering what the song was in the Vitara commercial, the one where the guy base jumps to his car getting ready for work.. Can anyone help.
i cant recall what the name of the car was, but it has a guy coming out of his house and jumping of a cliff and there is some sort of rock song and there are vocals which i cant make out (sounds like classic rock). any idea what the song is??
Does anyone know the name of the song on the new Grand Vitara song? It's the one when that guy is jumping off of a cliff?
What is the song playing in the commercial where the guy kisses his wife goodbye and then jumps off the cliff down to his Grand Vitara. I love that tune but I can't find out who it is.
I need to know what song is the the comercial where the guy jumps off the cliff and parachuted down to his SUV. It's catchy and i have to know.