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I was wondering if anyone knows the song for the new suzuki grand vitara commercial. It has this guy saying goodbye to his wife and putting a helmet on. Then he jumps off of the cliff and jumps into the car. It definitly sounds like a song, not just made for the commercial. There arent any real lyrics just sort of like a rock techno beat going on in the backround.
I've seen the commercial as well. I don't know what the song is but I recognize it from the soundtrack to Madden NFL 2005.
Mooney Suzuki (oh, the coincidence!) - Alive and Amplified

Pretty good song.
Hey, I don't know if anyone can help me with this or not.
I've got a vague description here, but sometimes these get answered.
I did a search, but counldn't find anything; so I hope I am not duplicating what someone has already asked. But I can't know, not enough info I think.

Anyway I heard this on TV, but I wasn't paying attention at the time, so I don't know what commercial it was. :(

I think the lyrics go:

"I am alive on 95
turn me on
and turn me on
and turn me on"

and it sounds a bit like Scissor Sisters, but I don't think it's them.

Iknow it's not a very good description, but I'm hoping it will just click with someone.
Lol, eternal optimist that I am...

Any ideas are appreciated as usual!!
I'm so glad someone knew this... I saw the commercial today and loved the music. Downloading now...
orangy718 Oh, thank you so much!
Doesn't it drive you crazy when it keeps going through your head and you can't find the song anywhere?
That is exactly it- The Mooney Suzuki- Alive and Amplified!

SkierRobUMN the Sonique was cool, too!

Thank you both
:D thanks, i remember this song from madden too, love it :D
What is the name of the song from the new Suzuki commercial...where the guy leaves his house and parachutes to his car below?
"Alive and Amplified" by Mooney Suzuki ()

Previously answered in this thread. Don't forget to :usesearch:
Anyone know the song that comes towards the end of it? I can't make out the lyrics, but it's something repetitive at first.
does anyone know the song that is playing in the Suzuki Gran Vitara commercial? You know, its the commercial where the guy jumps off the cliff and parachutes down to the suzuki. Anyway, please let me kno if u know what song it is.
You guys are great BTW. The ad starts with a guy kissing his wife bye then jumps off a cliff and climbs into a suv and drives like crazy. Any ideas what song it could be?


it isn't mitsubishi it is suzuki. I too am wondering what that song is and who it is by .
This was already answered under a post for Suzuki.

The Mooney Suzuki's "Alive & Amplified" is the song you're looking for.
Whats that song in the Suzuki commercial where the guy jumps off the cliff and parachutes after talking to his wife?