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    Suzuki Swift

    Hey theres an ad that mainly airs in nz for the suzuki swift,and its a sort of relaxed song,ending with a guy singing "free" at the end of the ad when the suzuki logo no idea what the song is,but its been used in quite a few suzuki ads over the last couple of years
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    2011 Suzuki Kizashi

    What song is in this commercial... or is it music created specifically for the ad? Thanks :)
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    Suzuki Celerio

    hi there..can anyone identify the song used in this ad?thank you very much!
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    old suzuki ad

    I think it's an XL-7 or something, the only lyrics I can make out are "On to something good,". . . Anybody know what song it is, I checked on the site but couldn't find the answer.
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    Suzuki "Green Light"

    Suzuki "Green Light" Does anybody know the song to that Suzuki Commerical called "Green light" Its the one with the Cel shaded Grand Vitara driving through all this green stuff and the lyrics are something like "I see something something blue, red rose's too i something something too And i...
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    Suzuki 2006 Grand Vitara

    I was wondering if anyone knows the song for the new suzuki grand vitara commercial. It has this guy saying goodbye to his wife and putting a helmet on. Then he jumps off of the cliff and jumps into the car. It definitly sounds like a song, not just made for the commercial. There arent any real...