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I am Schehererez.

I am present.

23 yrs, living on an exotic island, and a real music junkie. Anything and everything I listen to. Music is my life, in more ways than one. I come here to get my daily fix of tunes, and to help others get theirs.

I extend welcome to all and I hope to be here always.

:ph34r: Scheherez :ph34r:
Hope I don't offend but.. boy or girl?

Either way hey and welcome. :eek:k:
ah...a new member....and so the endlsess circle continues.....
As is seen in the avatar, I am a girl....

Thanx to all, and dascoot, you have helped me in the past...I thank you.

I am not that new a member, but I was rarely on the site until recently...and I wanted to show my face in the place.

To all who come after me, WELCOME! You will be happy here! ;)

:ph34r: Scheherez :ph34r:
well, welcome, i guess, although it's a bit out of place for me to welcome you
Hi there newcomer :)

Do you listen to Ilkae? I listen to Ilkae. Ilkae rocks my socks. :)
Welcome to Earth!!!!!!!!! :D Please folow me to the basement where you will be given a parade in your honor just before we dissect you. :p ;)
Originally posted by givemfitz@Apr 25 2005, 01:28 PM
Welcome to Earth!!!!!!!!! :D
Who put YOU in charge of guest services? You'll just scare em off.
See there? I had to go edit after that accusation. :devil: