Starship Troopers


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This isn't actually a question about a song, just my personal whinge-fest...

I remember, the original Starship Troopers movie had Blur's Song 2 in the trailer, and that was, pretty much, the only reason I intially saw the movie (I kid you not).
Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, it's absolutely hilarious, but I was waiting for two or so hours for song 2 to come on, and it never did....

I was so irritated!

...but maybe that's just me....
I remember that trailer thinking that was a great use of a song in a TV spot.

The song worked, after all -- it got you to the theatre to see the film. :)
I remember that too. It made the movie look so cool...just a bunch of friends going to war to have fun... :huh: I still remember the date it came out. November 6th...forget what year.
I loved the first Star Ship troopers... Then the crappy sequal came out... *cries* It did harm to the name that is Star Ship troopers. The budget was so low, I guess, that they used clips from the FIRST MOVIE in the second one. Leave it to Action Network to mess up a good movie's name