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One of the trailers for this new movie "The Notebook" has a song that sounds SO familiar to me... its driving me crazy.
the only lyrics I can catch sound like "oh I... feel so alive"..
its a woman's voice... sounds like it could be madonna... but probably isn't...

anyone??? help...
link to trailer pls :)

btw .. is the song "Celine Dion - You Make Me Feel" ?

just a guess :blink:
i'm not sure but i think that the music you're looking for is the theme to the movie Cider House Rules...hope that helps
I haven't seen this TV spot that you are talking about but I hear rumours that it is Nina Gordon's "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" that is in that TV spot.

Here's a link to her official site with short MP3 clips of some her songs. It has a minute and a half demo of the song "Tonight and the Rest of My Life":

Nina Gordon's official site for music

I have seen the theatrical trailer and it looks like it could be a good movie.
In the theatrical trailer, there is also music from Pleasantville besides the music from Cider House Rules....

Hey Guys. I wanted to see if any of you have seen the commercial for the new movie The Notebook with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. If you have, could you help me find the name of the song playing in the background? Thanks a bunch.

yes it is. Thank you so much amelie, i really appreciate it. :lol:

Hey, I was wondering the same thing. I figured out what the song was but I cannot for the LIFE of myself figure out where I have heard it before. I think it was in another movie, or a television show or something. I looked up and i know it was not Chocolat, cider house rules, or mandolin that i heard it in becuase i havent seen any of those movies. if anyone has heard "tonight and the rest of my life" by nina gordon in other movies PLEASE let me know. i am going CRAZY!!!
ok people VERY wierd coincidence yesterday. i saw that tuck everlasting was on tv, so i recorded it and then it hit me. i think THAT is where "tonight and the rest of my life" is from. i cant seem to find more then one trailer online. if you know of any sites, or can find any that have the trailer, (not the one with "book of dreams" by enya) then PLEASE put the link on here. i would greatly appreciate it. THANKS
"Tonight and the Rest of My Life" was also used in the trailer for the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin starring Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz. I don't think that the trailer that used this song is available on the internet anymore. At least not that I can find.

But it's listed as a song used for the trailer at music listing for trailer
Anyone know the song in the notebook movie trailer?
theres a line that goes something like this "i feel so alive, this is all want to feel tonight"
thanks soooo much goodasgold!!! i saw the notebook last nite..itz like the best movie ive ever seen, but that song wasnt in it at all and it was really bugging me trying to figure out what song it was so i could download it!
ne way thnx :D
What exact songs are from which scores if anyone knows please? The trailer is found here: The Notebook I was wondering about the instrumental parts...including if anyone knew where the piano at the begining is from...But mostly the orchestral song when the narrator says "from the best selling novel by nicholas sparks" and continues through the end... THanks in advance!!!!
"MainTitle" from The Cider House Rules by Rachel Portman. The other musical cue is taken from the Pleasantville soundtrack by Randy Newman. It's called "Mural".

But there were two CD's released for Pleasantville and the other CD has a track that is called "Suite from Pleasantville" that I think also has that same musical cue as "Mural" that is used in the notebook trailer.

Here's some links:

Original music for Pleasantville by Randy Newman

Pleasantville various artists soundtrack

Cider House Rules soundtrak by Rachel Portman
I saw the move as well, and I was wondering, what was the song Allie was playing on the piano? Guessing some sort of classical piece.
Hey, can anyone tell me what the song from the TV commercial for the notebook is, i cant seem to find it anywhere