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I just saw the movie commercial for "Coach Carter" and there was an interesting song playing. does anyone know it? I think the words are " I've been waiting all my life..for something:
I just saw a commercial for this movie, and the song that was playing was "Changes" by 2Pac (which samples "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby).

I can tell this is important to you, but it's also unnecessary to post your question three times! :annoyed:
No thats not it. the song i heard was a rock song. those are R&B. thanks anyways.........
hey thanks....i checked it out but i didnt hear it....... i dont think the song i heard is on the soundtrack it was just playing (sometimes that happens)... thanks anyways!
Well hopefully one of the experts can go to the site and watch the trailer and help you out... the only song I remember from the preview was Tupac - Changes
The song is a remake of Phil Collins' "Something In The Air Tonight". It doesn't sound like him singing, so I'm assuming it isn't just a remix. I'd like to get my hands on the artist, too. I heard that song a while ago on Monday Night Football and went crazy trying to find it but couldn't.
The song is a cover by the band Nonpoint of a song from the 80s by Phil Collins titled "In the Air Tonight"
i actually know exactly what song you are talking about and it goes..."I've been waiting for this moment, for all of my life." It is a remix of In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, but i do not know who sings this rock remix and was wondering the same thing.
was there another trailer that had a technoish song to it, I'll see if I can find a trailer for it, but I thought I heard one anyone know it?
The song from the trailer is by Nonpoint, its a remake of the Phil Collins song In the Air Tonight
I saw the trailer for the movie 'Coach Carter' the other day, and I heard 'in the air tonight' By Phil Collins in the background. Except it wasn't Phil. It was a more rockish, nickelback soundish version. I went to amazon, but I don't believe the song it listed on the soundtrack. Since they don't have song snippets for it yet, it's kinda hard to tell. So Can some one tell me who this song is by?
I briefly heard the trailer the other nite and was grabbed by the song. I wrote down the lyrics and they matched those of the "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins. Obvisously a different version. But I did come up with a band Nonpoint that does that song. Would have to see the trailer again to be sure but go check it out.
the song is "in the air tonight" by nonpoint. i did the exact same thing, i heard it on the commercial and then obsessively tried to find it. have fun its a good songg! :)
Awesome! I can't believe this, I thought I was alone when I obsessed over music being in trailers and not being found on soudtracks.