Starbucks "Eye of the Tiger"


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I am tring to remember a commercial I saw on tv last night about a "take on your day" energy drink mabey a coffee drink with a guy going to work and he has an 80's band following him around playing this eye of the tiger parody. Does any one know what drink that was?
Starbucks "Eye of the Tiger"

I was just wondering if anyone knew if the actual band Survivor (who did the classic "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky) was in the Starbucks Doubleshot commercial. You know, they follow a guy around, singing his name and how one day, he might just be... superviiiiiiiiisor.

I emailed the company, but I haven't heard back yet, and it's killing me to know.
It doesn't sound like the original Dave Bickler on vocals to me. Perhaps a
re-release using his long term yet temporary replacement Jim Jamison, if there ever was such a thing, or just a cover done for the ad?

Anybody? :unsure:
If i recall correctly, survivor changed lead vocalists after "eye of the tiger" came out. They had a couple of hits after that. I'm almost certain that the singer appearing in the ad is the second lead singer of survivor, but he's been in the band around 20 years or so. From what i've read, that's the actual band. Funny commercial. Good for them for doing it.