1. Spaceman Spiff

    Starbucks Inauguration Day

    Yesterday (Jan 20, 2009) during the presidential inauguration there was a Starbucks commercial with a song that mentioned "grassroots movement" and "brighter day" but I'm not sure if either of those might be the title. Does anyone know the song/artist? Thanks.
  2. jca

    Eye of the Tiger

    Embracing a "life's soundtrack" creative direction, a new DoubleShot Expresso TV ad from Starbucks features a 80s rock tune familiar to Rocky fans and workout music listeners everywhere. The "Glen" TV commercial opens with a man in his kitchen having a DoubleShot drink, only to have the band...
  3. C

    Starbucks "Eye of the Tiger"

    I am tring to remember a commercial I saw on tv last night about a "take on your day" energy drink mabey a coffee drink with a guy going to work and he has an 80's band following him around playing this eye of the tiger parody. Does any one know what drink that was?