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Is this feature possible for this forum? In light of my Quality Car thread, I realize that even if I do successfully record and upload a sound clip to my computer....that nobody from this forum can help me out, unless they've actually seen the ad. Which is tough, since it's only aired in southern California.
Well, considering we're over our monthly bandwidth for this month, which we'll be charged for, I don't think we can allow any kind of attachments in the forums. :(

What's to keep you from uploading your sound clip to one of the many free website providers and providing a link to your webpage (not the actual sound clip, since hotlinking won't work) that is hosting the clip?
:huh: I don't know what you said, but it sounds like a lot of work.
I am too lazy to do that. I'm not THAT motivated. Especially now that I can listen to the music whenever I please.
If anyone wants to upload music to your posts, just go to, listed under the links section for International TV Commercials. There are sections for US questions and you can upload your music to your post. Then come back here and link to that post. Assuming, of course, this isn't a bandwidth issue.. I know crap about such things. :unsure: