ABC Family Perfect Match


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OK, so I'm lazy and I'm just now getting around to posting this seperate thread..

There's an ad that I saw while waxing nostalgia with The Karate Kid on ABC Family a few days ago, and the song is the same one I've been looking for since my very first post on this forum a million years ago.

This time it's for a show called "Perfect Match" that airs on ABC Family. Not much to the commercial, just a montage of clips from the show - like a guy playing his guitar and thinking this girl is *so* into him, then it cuts to her and she's like "I really can't stand him", etc.

Anyone seen it? Anyone? Anyone?
Bueller? Bueller? :rolleyes: sorry...

Anyway, I'm certain I've seen this ad, but for the life of me can't place the music... We never did figure out who produced the Target ads, did we? (Maybe it's the same agency that did the Target British guys one?? I'm not sure if the same agencies do the entire line of company ads...)
Oh, it would be so nice if they were all the same company and happened to have an album in the works.. or if Target would put out an album with their ad tunes.. didn't they do that once?
BTW high five on recognizing a gratuitous Ferris Bueller reference. You rawk. B)
FYI... I looked through the Virgin Pulse thread and found the agency that did the ad -- Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. You can contact them via: press (at) -- maybe they did the Swell ads too?
Wow, you read the entire Virgin Pulse thread? I saw like 8 pages and was all "Pfft.. later!". :blink:
Just kidding.. but I tell ya I won't go 3 weeks without checking in on the forum again, if I plan on keeping up. :lol:
No, I sure as hell didn't read that whole Pulse thread again... I knew the info was in there and just scanned a bit...

Anyway, yeah... the forum seems to have picked up and gone nuts the past week or two! :blink: