CitiBank 'Bunny Girl' Commercial


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So I was engaged in my usual procrastination and came across this ad online:

I watched the clip and happily went on my way, only to realize that the song was stuck in my head. I've never seen the ad aired on television, but I presume it must have been shown at some point.

The clip depicts a youngish woman raising and lowering her lip like a bunny (hence the name). The tagline at the end of the commercial is, "there's more to life than money / there is a bank that understands that" and then "citibank / live richly". The soundtrack is instrumental music only -- no voices or narration. The music itself is an upbeat kind of ditty played at first on what sounds like a guitar, and then at the end on an accordion.

Does anyone know the name of the song? Who wrote it?

I've searched through the forums but haven't found anything. Please, someone, end my misery!

Thanks in advance,
Natus Nemo