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Does anyone know the song that's in the new Energizer commercial? The commercial has a janitor cleaning up at a building where he spills coffee on something and shuts down the power to the city. He then has to hit a button, and you see the energizer bunny powers the city. When he hits the button, this cool guitar riff starts to play. My buddy thinks it may be Van Halen, but we're not sure. Anybody know?
I'm also wondering the song's title and who sings it. I just heard it several minutes ago, and I could've sworn I heard it before on the radio. Van Halen popped in my mind, too. Not sure if it's them, though.
This is from a Yahoo! Answers. Someone said they were part of a band called Handsome Jack, and his friends said it was part of their song Bad Attitude(which is on iTunes, and Urge and all that) but he never heard the song in the commercial, or of the commercial really.

I listened to the 30 second demo trial whatever song on Urge, and if you can imagine that part without the lyrics, it matches up pretty well. Maybe there is a guitar solo later on in the song?

Also, towards the end of the song in the commercial you can hear some loud noise, which is either a high pitch kind of scream, or, like in Bad Attitude a beginning of a cool high pitch guitar solo.

Either way, it's a pretty good song. Still not sure, though, so unless you have the full copy of Bad Attitude to verify, keep looking please.

Could it be an original score for the commercial?
You and your friend are right. It is Van Halen. It's the guitar riff from Hot for Teacher.
ok sorry to inform you the guitar riff is not from van halen's hot for teacher. That's music i listened too back when we were cool and carried cell phones that weighed 4 lbs. needless to say i am up on all my 80's music, AND i just happen to have BOTH versions of van halen's "Hot for Teacher". neither version has a guitar riff anything similar. i dare say the previous user who found it on itunes may be right, so i'm going to reload my itunes account and purchase the song in question to find out if in fact it IS this band. hopefully by the end of the week i'll be able to give you a answer, but i can tell you it's definitely not van halen's hot for teacher.
I knew i had heard the song and name of the person before, and i know the song isnt "Bad Attitude" by Handsom Jack

The song is "Satch Boogie" by Joe Satriani, look on youtube, youll find it.